Update on the CA Assault Weapon Ban Appeal

An update on the CA Assault Weapons ban: An update on the CA Assault Weapons ban:
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Second Amendment Foundation Town Hall Meeting in Phoenix – February 16

Join us for a Town Hall Meeting to build the Second Amendment Family. Join us to stress the importance of firearms for self-defense. Building public support of all gun owners is critical in the on-going challenge to keep these rights.

This is where you come in. We want — no, we need you to join us. Bring your friends, neighbors, and family members. Bring anyone who will benefit from learning more our valued right to keep and bear arms.

Circle Sunday, February 16, 2 to 4 in the afternoon on your calendar. Come to the Second Amendment Family Town Hall meeting in Phoenix, at the Sheridan Crescent Hotel, 2620 West Dunlap Avenue, Phoenix, Arizona 85021.

At the Town Hall Meeting, you will:
  • View the video segment from “A More of Less Perfect Union,” Free To Choose Media’s PBS series on the Constitution, the rare occasion when PBS promotes the value of the 2nd Amendment.
  • Share a message from Alan Gottlieb founder of the 2nd Amendment Foundation
  • View a video message from Bob Levy, Cato Chairman;  Chris Cheng, a Top Shot Champion, and Nadine Strossen, Professor of Law at NYU
  • Meet national gun rights leaders like Mark Walters host of Armed American Radio
  • Discuss the basics of safe use of guns for self-protection
  • Discuss the value of flint lock firearms in gaining support for the 2nd Amendment
The Town Hall Meeting will be filmed and recorded for a future nation-wide webcast. We will be spreading our message around the country. We will let other people and politicians know of our support for the Second Amendment. We want to get all gun rights advocates, including the silent majority among us, to start showing our support for this Constitutional right.    

This is your chance to become a Second Amendment First Responder on national television!

RSVP – ASAP to [email protected]. Your assignment, bring a friend who doesn’t own guns or does some hunting but avoids the gun debate. We have room for just 200 so it will fill up fast. We’ll have some great snacks, a maple sugar gift to take home and plenty of soft drinks.

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We defend our money, why not our schools?

Here we are, another school shooting and the liberals are back to the same old cry for "We need universal background checks!" and "We need to get rid of the 2nd Amendment!". Like the emotionally unstable useful idiots that they are, they ignore the obvious. Nutjobs who want to murder defenseless children don't give a damn about your gun control laws. All of these idiots have already passed background checks so your universal background checks won't work. There are over 300 million firearms in this country, and firearms are not hard to build. How do you plan on rounding up 300+ million firearms and prevent people from making new firearms? How do you plan on taking them from people who aren't going to give them to you just because you ask nicely?
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Riders USA Annual 2nd Amendment rally at the Arizona State Capitol on February 17th

Riders USA will be holding their annual 2nd Amendment rally at the Arizona State Capitol on February 17th. The rally will have speakers Russell Pearce, Alan Korwin, Sheriff Mack, Mark Victor and Dave Kopp as well as vendors and raffle prizes. The rally will go from 12:00-2:00 pm. Bikers will form a motorcycle procession from Encanto park to the State Capitol to open the rally. Visit the Riders USA page for more information.
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Reliability Upgrades for the AR-15

Reliability Upgrades for the AR-15 The AR-15 is America's most popular rifle; and with that popularity there has been a lot of different manufacturers making various different quality AR-15 rifles. Any AR-15 can be made into a reliable AR-15 without spending a ton of money. There are a few different things can effect the reliability of any AR-15 regardless of the price and quality...
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AR-15 Chrome Lined Barrels vs Nitride/Melonite Barrels

A common question about AR-15 barrels is Chrome Lined barrels vs the newer Nitride barrels. Which is better?  What are the pro and cons of each?  The answer depends mostly on what the barrel is going to be used for.

The standard M16 or M4 barrel is lined with chrome and has been since the 1960's. Weapons with full auto capability would wear out a barrel quite quickly with a bare metal barrel. Chome has good wear resistance and it prolongs the life of the barrel especially when subject to the abuse of full auto fire. An added benefit is chromes excellent corrosion resistance and it makes the barrel a bit easier to clean. When a barrel is Chrome Lined it adds a thin layer of Chrome to the bore of the barrel. The lining technically can reduce the accuracy of the barrel a slight bit. The lining also can wear off over time with use. The outside of the barrel is usually given a black phosphate coating to protect from corrosion.
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Arizona Ranked #1 for Gun Owners by Guns & Ammo, 5th year in a row.

Guns & Ammo magazine has ranked Arizona #1 for Gun Owners for five years in a row. The biggest reason Arizona has such good gun and self defense laws is thanks to the Arizona Citizens Defense League. If you live in Arizona you should join and help support the AZCDL.
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California insanity

Governor Moonbeam of CA signed two insane peices of legislation recently. One bill removes the the mandatory penalty enhancement for committing a crime with a firearm and placed it at the discretion of the judge presiding over the case. Then the Governor signed another law that makes it illegal for teachers to be armed.

So the logic of California is:
  • Guns are bad.
  • We're not going to penalize you any differently if you commit a crime with or without a firearm.
  • Children are so precious, we're going to make it illegal for a teacher to be armed so they might have a chance of defending said precious children.
  • Guns are bad.... mmmmkay?
Pure insanity. More details at Breitbart.com.
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New website!

Welcome to the new Desert Tactical Solutions website! The old website had some problems so it was time to upgrade to a better cart system with more features. If you need help finding anything feel free to contact us at [email protected] or 520-271-8783.
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