Patriot Ordnance Factory Dictator Gas Block Carbine .750"

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The Patriot Ordnance Factory Dictator Gas Block is a 9 position adjustable gas block that provides a range of adjustability and versatility a suppressed system needs. A suppressor typically increases the level of back pressure within the rifle system which will prematurely wear parts and increase the amount of gas/carbon introduced into the chamber. With the POF Dictator you can now control that rate of gas flow and ultimately the reliability of your system.

The front of the gas block has an easy t adjust dial that accepts a flat screwdriver, 3/32" hex wrench and dictation tool included in the Dictator gas block kit.

The POF Dictator features a straight gas tube to eliminate the heat buildup that exists at the bent portion of a standard gas tube. This feature is extremely important for select-fire and/or suppressed rifles which are subject to very high heat levels. By reducing the built up heat, you now have a more reliable, longer lasting gas system.

Gas Tube Length: Carbine
Barrel Gas Block Size: .750"

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