Below is a list of useful links:

AR-15 Resources: - Lots of good information on AR-15s and other firearms.
AR-15 News - Great source for news about the AR-15 and other firearms in general. - Lots of information about AR-15 based firearms.

Defending Firearms Rights:
Gun Owners of America - True defender of America's right to keep and bear arms.
Arizona Citizens Defense League - Grassroots gun rights organization in the state of Arizona. 

Warlizard Tactical - Pistol, Carbine and Medical training in Tucson AZ.

M. D. Smiths Reloading Page - Excellent source for reloading on just about any caliber you can think of.

Civilian Gunfighter - Great blog about firearms training classes and general shooting to make oneself a better shooter.

Self Defense:
Combat F.I.T. Krav Maga - Great Krav Maga classes in Tucson AZ. Highly recommended.
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