Bravo Company Gunfighter PKMR Polymer KeyMod Rail Carbine Black

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Bravo Company Gunfighter PKMR Polymer KeyMod Rail is a direct replacement for standard M4 "heatshield" handguards. The simple "drop in" design works with Mil-Spec M4 type AR15's using a carbine length gas system and front sight base. The PKMR's natural ergonomics, a slim comfortable design that is aggressively textured and lightweight (only 5.6 oz). Accessories can be mounted using the reinforced six-hole KeyMod interfaces at the 10:30, 1:30, and 6:00 positions. The inside of the handguard features aluminum heat shields to reduce heat transfer to the handguard. The PKMR only fits a round carbine type handguard retaining cap. Made in the USA.

Size: Carbine Gas System
Color: Black

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