Bravo Company Gunfighter Keymod Rail Panels Flat Dark Earth

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Part Number:RRBCM-KMR-RP-FDE-5
The Bravo Company Gunfighter Keymod Rail Panel kit contains five Keymod panel strips which will cover seven consecutive Keymod Slots. Each strip is 5.55" in length, 0.625" wide and 0.1" thick and can be cut to any length. The panel strips are designed to fit ALL Keymod mounting surfaces and are easy to put on and take off yet stay securely in place. The surface has a Non-Slip and Non-Reflective surface and is ventilated for barrel cooling. The slim design and radiused surface allows a "round" handguard feeling. Made in the U.S.A. of a high-strength polymer material.

Color: Flat Dark Earth

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