We defend our money, why not our schools?

Posted by Brian on 2/17/2018 to News
Here we are, another school shooting and the liberals are back to the same old cry for "We need universal background checks!" and "We need to get rid of the 2nd Amendment!". Like the emotionally unstable useful idiots that they are, they ignore the obvious. Nutjobs who want to murder defenseless children don't give a damn about your gun control laws. 

All of these idiots have already passed background checks so your universal background checks won't work. There are over 300 million firearms in this country, and firearms are not hard to build. How do you plan on rounding up 300+ million firearms and prevent people from making new firearms? How do you plan on taking them from people who aren't going to give them to you just because you ask nicely? Oh you plan on using the government against its own people to take their firearms and start a bloody civil war? Isn't that counter productive? You want to reduce gun deaths, but you are completely willing to use the government to kill your fellow citizens?

That is exactly why we own guns.

But lets play your endgame out and lets say you are successful; which you wouldn't be but lets just pretend. All of the guns are gone except for what the police and military have. Congratulations, you just turned us in Mexico where all the bad guys have guns. Criminals by definition don't care about your laws. They will steal, smuggle or even create guns if they need to. How is that going to defend a school?

How about a real plan to defend America's schools? Israel figured this out decades ago. After a mass shooting at a school they dedicated a portion of the police to defending schools. Since then they have had only a few attacks on schools and those attacks were quickly stopped with an armed security response. "But that will cost too much money!" Many banks have armed security guards. Armored cars have armed guards to protect the money while in transit. Many casinos have armed security. But for some reason our kids aren't important enough? You liberals are insane.

I have a simple plan to pay for the security and it won't cost any extra money. Walk in to any school in America you will see several paper pushing administrators, usually making salaries higher than any of the teachers that work at the school and their not doing anything truly important or that can't already be automated with computers for a fraction of the cost. Lets shitcan two paper pushers per school and hire two law enforcement, or even private armed security. They don't need to be overt security with body armor and automatic weapons. Normal clothes and concealed pistols will do. We don't need to turn schools into airports with a fake security theater.

But why stop there? Most states have a concealed carry law. Lets allow teachers who get a concealed carry permit to carry in schools to augment the two security guards. It would be a good idea that these teachers and security guards/law enforcement officers take some hand to hand combat that focuses on weapons retention so they know what to do when attacked by someone who attempts to take their weapon. This also would cost little or nothing.

The simple fact that schools will no longer be "gun free zones" will be a deterrent and stop most of these shootings from happening. Most mass shootings occur in gun free zones. How often do police stations and gun ranges get shot up? We should be able to add military bases to that sentence, but they are also gun free zones which has resulted in several mass shootings. END THE GUN FREE ZONES. Do it for the children!