Strike Industries Oppressor

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The Strike Industries Oppressor represents the next evolution in concussion reduction devices. Typical concussion reduction devices are simply a sleeve for the muzzle device with a simple open end to redirect gasses. The Oppressor was designed with computer aided flow dynamics for a no compromise solution for redirecting the overpressure produced by aggressive brakes and compensators. Advanced internal geometry actively draws the gasses out and thrusts the gasses forward through vents to accomplish linear braking in order to retain more braking efficiency in addition to reducing the side concussion. Using a proprietary quick detach mounting system, the Oppressor can be rapidly installed before transitioning to prone shooting positions, or for indoor use. Fits both .223/5.56 and .308/7.62 Strike Industries muzzle devices which include: Checkmate Comp, Cloak Flash Hider, JCOMP, King Comp, Mini King Comp, Triple Crown, Venom Flash, Hider Sierra Comp and Ferfrans Muzzle Brake.

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