Phase 5 Pigtail Gas Tube AR-15 Pistol

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The Phase 5 Pigtail Gas Tube for AR-15 Pistols was designed to solve timing problems that are common on 7.5" AR pistol barrels. The pigtail design simulates a more standard cycle time and helps remedy timing problems. This allows the weapon to use standard Mil-Spec carbine parts for increased reliability.
  • Fits all barrels was a pistol length gas system and an outer diameter at or below 1"
  • The Pigtail gas tube will not fit correctly under the Phase 5 LPSN (Lo-Pro Slope Nose Quad Rail)
  • The diameter of the outside of the pigtail gas tube loops range from 1.46" - 1.56". Best used with a handgaurd that has a minimum inner diameter of 1.65".

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