Mission First Tactical React Magwell Grip Scorched Dark Earth

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The Mission First Tactical React Magwell Grip is a compact textured vertical grip designed for CQB situations or other situations where a close hand hold at the low ready is required. The grip incorporates right and left handed pressure pad wells useful for wired light switches and has an internal battery storage compartment. This grip allows the support hand to apply rearward pressure, keeping the weapon shouldered for better muzzle control and accuracy. The textured grip surface works with well wet or gloved hands. Attaches to a Picatinny rail.

Color: Scorched Dark Earth

  • Allows mid-point balance and less effort to direct muzzle
  • Pressure pad wells allow accessory activation by both RH and LH
  • Secure watertight storage compartment
  • Will not interfere with magazine
  • Designed for M16/M4/AR15/HK416

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