Magpul Zhukov-S Stock Yugo Black

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The Magpul Zhukov-S Yugo Stock is a folding stock made for Yugoslavian pattern rifles. In addition to being afolding stock the Zhukov-S Stock is collapsible, has QD sling mounts, modular Cheek Risers, and a shock-absorbing rubber butt-pad for superior traction. The stock has right-side folding for compatibility with side-mounted optics. Fits most common stamped AK receivers without modification via a unique wedge block. Made with a durable injection molded polymer. Made in U.S.A. Stock counts as one US compliance part for 922(r).

Color: Black

  • Weight: 15.0 oz.
  • Length: 8.8-11.4 in.
  • LOP Adjustment: 5-Position (0.65"/position)
  • LOP Adjustment Range: 2.6 in.
  • LOP, Collapsed: ~12.2 in.
  • LOP, Extended: ~14.8 in.

  • Mounts to most stamped receiver Yugoslavian Zastava M70 pattern rifles with fixed stock, recessed trunnion*
  • 5-Position length of pull adjustability and solid "fixed stock" lockup with consistent cheek weld in all positions
  • Adjustment lever is unobtrusive and anti-snag
  • High strength, wear compensating lock mechanism allows stock to fold to the right
  • Positive detents in the stowed position prevents movement while still allowing the stock to be instantly deployed
  • Weapon may be charged and fired while stock is folded (without Cheek Risers installed)
  • Cheek weld combines a slim profile with user comfort and optional snap on AK Cheek Risers are available for use with optics
  • Rubber butt-pad offers an anti-slip surface and increases impact protection
  • Rollover on the toe allows for easier shoulder transitions and better fit when using body armor
  • QD Sling Mount Front - Left-side rotation limited sling mount accepts push-button QD swivels for one-point sling usage (swivel not included)
  • QD Sling Mount Rear - Optional Sling Mount Kits (TYPE 1 and TYPE 2) accept push-button QD swivels
  • Bottom 1.25" sling loop

*NOTE: Due to the wide range of tolerances of most AK variants, minor fitting of the stock may be required. Will not fit standard AK/AKM pattern rifles or Yugo rifles with underfolding stock.

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