LanTac UPS-Ti Ultimate Takedown Pin Set (Titanium)

LanTac UPS-Ti Ultimate Takedown Pin Set (Titanium)

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The LanTac UPS-Ti Ultimate Takedown Pin Set is precision machined to the highest standards from the highest quality materials. The UPS-S allows the user to install and remove an AR-15 Pivot Pin without the use of a tool due to the unique design that uses a ramped groove that holds the detent in place at the time of installation and another ramp allows access to the retaining slot. The rear pin also features the same retaining slot and ramp so it can be removed easily by sliding it to a halfway position and then rotating.

The Takedown Pins feature aggressively crenulated heads for improved grip for easier removal. Manufactured from Grade 5 Titanium, 6AL-V4GR5 and left with the natural finish. Features the LanTac QUICKSAFE Pin system and 3D printed rear pin removal tool. Includes KNS Detents & Stainless Detent Springs. Manufactured in the USA.

Pivot Pin Weight: .15oz
Takedown Pin Weight: .10oz

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