LanTac Enhanced Bolt Carrier Group 5.56

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The LanTac Enhanced Bolt Carrier Group is a Nickel Boron coated M16 5.56 Full Auto bolt carrier group with a unique designed gas ports that have also been re-sized so that gas is vented differently than a standard carrier group. This results in a flatter and smoother cycle as well as a cooler running gun. There is also less pressurization of the upper receiver when using a suppressor. The flared boss at the tail of the carrier enhances the carrier groups's lock position for a consistent lock, resulting in improved accuracy. The BCG is precision machined from 8620 Steel with a shot peened bolt manufactured from Carpenter 158 which is Magnetically Particle Inspected. The entire carrier assembly is Electroless Nickel Boron coated with the advanced UCT EXO process unlike standard NiB coatings. This offers extreme lubricity with a friction coefficent of .02 and surface hardness of 82-85 Rockwell C. Lifetime Warranty. Made in the USA.

Caliber: 5.56

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