Griffin Armament CAM-LOK Piston Universal Dead Air Ghost and Wolfman

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The Griffin Armament CAM-LOK (Covert Application Mount - Locking) is a universal QD piston system which is much faster and more secure mounting solution on browning style action (tilt barrel) pistols then older direct thread piston counterparts. This system provides a rapid, secure attachment to the host pistol. Users with different brand suppressors supported by the CAM-LOK piston family will be able to benefit from the interchangeability of CAM-LOK barrel adapters between piston models.

Fits Dead Air Ghost and Wolfman.

  • Patented CAM-LOK (Covert Application Mount - Locking) universal QD piston attachment system
  • 3 mounting positions, 120 degrees separated for rapid mounting
  • Internal taper surface locks in place with interfacing barrel adapters and drastically reduces or eliminates common baffle/end cap strikes
  • Compatible with Universal QD pistons barrel adapters (sold separately)
  • Total system weight is identical to legacy direct thread pistons
  • H900 heat treated for improved durability and wear resistance
  • 17-4 stainless steel material

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