2A Armament X4 Brake .308 Black Oxide

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The 2A Armament X4 Brake is a dual baffle brake that directs expelled gasses to help maintain muzzle control. The initial large baffle provides a reactive surface for gasses to mitigate recoil. The second baffle provides some compensating affect as well as flash reduction. The X4 was designed to provide a softer felt recoil impulse over traditional brakes. This helps the shooter to place more accurate follow up shots and maintain muzzle control. Made in the USA.

  • 7.62mm/.308/.300BLK caliber
  • Precision machined on 8-axis Nakamua CNC machines for true concentricity
  • Made from U.S.A. Certified 4140 bar stock
  • Blasted and black phosphate coated
  • Threaded 5/8 x 24 TPI
  • Engraved logo on bottom
  • Overall length 2.75 inches 
  • Weight 3.0 oz

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